7 tips to overcome mental block when writing your thesis

Has it ever happened to you that you open Word to start or continue your work, see the blank page and immediately your mind freezes?

I tell you that I have been training in the art of writing for several years and I am not ashamed to admit that it still happens to me (it happened to me with this article that you read, keep that secret); I know that you are in the process of writing your thesis, and having passed by, I am sure that you have gone blank, with a page in front of you, hands on the keyboard and without pressing a key, even if it is a once.

For this reason, today I want to give you a few tips that I hope will help you, even if it is a little bit, to lessen that uncomfortable moment of mental block:

Locate the problem

The first and most essential thing is that you stop, breathe, meditate a little and determine what it is that makes you be in that situation.

As a student or worker, it may be cumulative stress, overwork, health problems or any personal conflict you may have; Keep calm, sometimes the best solution is to stop and think without being overwhelmed.

  1. Write a phrase that you like or inspire

It is strange, but sometimes the impediment to write is simply due to seeing the whole sheet completely white.

Take a phrase from your favorite author or anyone and head the page, for example, Jack London said: “You can not wait for inspiration, you have to chase it with a baseball bat”.

It also works to put something about the reason for that thesis, your goal, your motive, your goal (I know you want to graduate, for example).

Writing something you like will make you loosen your fingers and give you reasons to keep writing; but do not forget to delete it after a while, we do not want to damage the thesis.


This advice works if you already have a part of your thesis written and the title or paragraph that follows does not flow.

Go back, reread a little higher and organize your ideas, with a little patience you can continue with your degree work, dear tesista.

Take an active pause

If your blockage is because you have been writing for a long time and nothing comes up, but you must keep doing it, then it is time for you to stop, get up from where you are and move your body and mind to clear yourself.

I suggest you do stretching, either alone or with your thesis partner, if you have one; Do some exercise, jump, dance, sing, eat a sandwich, talk to someone for a while, whatever you want; Everything is valid.

Those minutes of distraction will dissipate the clouds of your concentration and lighten the load you carry.

Listen to some music

I must confess that this does not work for everyone, but maybe you do.

Stop in the middle of your block, choose some songs (they do not have to be classic, just try to make them soft), listen to them in a very low volume and you will see that that pleasant sound can relax you and your work will flow.

However, if in the end you do not concentrate listening to any music in the background while working on your thesis, do not discard the music, just pause and take a few minutes to listen to your favorite songs, enjoy them, sing them, you can surely relax too

Establish your proper environment

When you are in that blocking moment, look around, analyze the place where you are writing your thesis and decide if it is the right environment for you.

I do not tell you to go to a silent library, there are people who are overwhelmed by absolute silence; just look carefully at what you need in your workplace so that your thesis flows smoothly.

Go to your advisor

It is very simple, your advisor is the person who guides you, who helps you and who should guide you when you have a problem, a doubt or you block yourself; If you trust, do not be afraid to tell him that you are blank with some part of your thesis.

If something is missing or you still do not finish the analysis, the conclusions or any part of the final document, he or she must have the knowledge to get you out of that small setback.

As you have seen, there are 7 tips that are not pretentious or strict, I hope they are of great help for you; I just want to guide you a little so that the blank page no longer scares you, so you can finish your degree work without the hardships of those moments of mental lacuna that we all experience naturally.

Therefore, to conclude I give you the most effective advice so that your thesis does not overwhelm you; fall in love with the topic you have chosen, do not take it as an obligation and a nuisance to reach your desired graduation, look at it as a decisive and special point in your professional life, that is like a child to you, that makes you proud and that never make you renounce the position in which you are: you are a thesis student, love your thesis.

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